My goals/resolutions

NY resolutions


So I talked a bit last time about sticking to my goals and resolutions throughout 2016 so I thought I would share with you what those goals are. Not all of them are fitness related but I thought I would include them so at the end of the year I can check my progress against them. So here goes (in no particular order):

  • Lose weight – This has been a goal of mine for the past 2 years but this year instead of being unhappy about my weight and moaning about it, I’m going to do something about it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not massively overweight but the number on the weighing scales is not important. It’s how you feel when you look in the mirror, how you feel in the changing rooms trying on dresses for a big night out, it’s how you feel looking back through photos of special occasions and not wanting to put those pictures on face book because of your double chin/bingo wings. No matter what size you are you will always find something about your body to be unhappy about – so change it! I’m a firm believer of if it’s important enough to moan to your friends and family about its important enough to fit time into your life to make those changes, so that’s what I’m going to do.
  • Get fit – This goes hand in hand with losing weight. I’ve never been one for sport or running (I used to write myself notes in school to get out of PE), but after I had Mollie I started exercising to lose weight and found I really enjoyed it. Exercising regularly gives me a more positive attitude towards life and gives me more energy to do other things. However, after changing to full time office job and settling into a new relationship, I lost my motivation, started eating badly and stopped exercising. Now I struggle to walk up the stairs in work without feeling out of breath and cannot run for more than a couple of minutes. This year this is going to change, I want to be able to run around the park with Mollie without feeling tired, I want to have a healthy mind and body and I want to feel fit.
  • Give up smoking – Yes that’s right, I’m a smoker (hangs head in shame). In the last 2 years I have quit 3 times and each time lasted a few months before going back to it. 2016 is the year I will become a non-smoker. There is no point exercising and having fitness goals if you’re going to walk into the gym with a fag in your mouth and light another one on your way out. With cancer being something I have become more affected by in recent years, it is time to give up. The thought of leaving my daughter behind too early for the sake of smoking is something that both terrifies me and fills me with guilt so I need to use these feelings to spur myself on.
  • Eat healthier – This is not just for me but my family as well, especially Mollie. Feeding a fussy 5 year old can be hard but too often we use fall back meals such as fish fingers, tomato soup, chicken nuggets because it’s easier than battling with her to eat vegetables. I want to start cooking from scratch a bit more and reducing the amount of refined sugar we eat. I’m going to encourage Mollie to get involved in the choosing and cooking of meals and we have reintroduced a star chat to motivate her to try new things.
  • Buy a house – after renting privately for 10 years I dread to think how much of my hard earned wages have lined other people’s pockets via rent. In past years there hasn’t always been much money left at the end of the month to save, however currently we are in a good position so the shopping ban has started and the year of the save has begun. I’m hoping we will have purchased a house by the end of the year, if not then at least be close to buying one.
  • Back away from the phone – This year I would like to spend less time on my phone and spend more quality time with my family. Mike no longer works Sunday’s so these are now our opportunity to do things together as a family. I want to get out and about more, start exploring the local area, start hill walking and just having family adventures in general
  • Take more photos – I begged Mike for a DSLR for Christmas but it didn’t happen. Until I get my hands on one I’m going to make full use of my phone and start taking more photos. I’ve also asked Mike to take more pictures of me and Mollie as we have very few of the 2 of us together (except for silly face pulling selfies). I also want to use these photos to create albums and scrapbooks (I’ve bought my first scrapbook already!). Mollie loves looking back on old photos so it will be a nice thing to do together and to have to look back on when she is older.

So those are my main goals for 2016. Within these goals will be smaller goals and challenges that I will set myself in order to keep me motivated. I’m going to have monthly fitness challenges for myself and use this blog to record them and my progress against them. I’m going to share my family adventures (so I’d better start having some) and will need photos for the blog so that should help me to take more. At the end of the year when I look back through this blog hopefully I will see that I have met these goals and they are now just a part of my life. Then I can think up some new resolutions for 2017!

Have you stuck to any of your resolutions? Do you have any fitness tips to get me started? Would love to hear from you so please comment 🙂

Tasha xx


5 thoughts on “My goals/resolutions

      1. I’ve literally gone and liked every post you’ve done so far lol I’m gonna try your idea for the gym and time myself for a distance on the treadmill instead of just going on it for 20 mins lol xx


      2. Haha thanks! Aw brilliant, glad I’ve inspired you. I’ve found it’s really working for me, let me know how you get on! 😊 xx


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