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Saturday night = treat night!

Although I am trying to stick to healthy eating, my one rule about eating out is to order whatever the hell you want! If you want a salad, order a salad, if you want pasta have pasta and if you want dessert definitely have that dessert (you’ll only regret it if you don’t!) Some people choose to stick to their healthy eating whilst eating out (well done you guys), but for me, we only go out once or twice a month so I’m going to relax, enjoy it and treat myself!

Lately Newport has seen a bit of a transformation in the food department. New restaurants seem to be popping up everywhere (yaaay!). This is great for us as we live walking distance from the city centre so we can sample the cocktail/beer menus without having to worry about taxiing home.

A lot of the new restaurants are part of bigger chains and it’s great they have decided to open premises in Newport and give the city the boost it so desperately needs. However, as much as I love a good TGI’s, it is important to remember that Newport has other hidden gems around the city centre and we should be supporting our local businesses. With this in mind we booked a table at a new burger place we had been hearing a lot about and I thought I would share our experience with you.

Pretentious Burger Kitchen

I love burgers so was very excited to try this place. It’s a recently opened restaurant in the centre of Newport and is run by 3 guys. They only sell burgers that they make themselves on site, using meat sourced locally. They even make the burger buns and dipping sauces themselves!

Cocktails were 2 for £6 so I had to sample those, you can have 2 different ones but I liked the Blueberry Fizz so much I had 2. Mike had a pint of Hop House 13, a relatively new lager made by Guinness that we hadn’t seen on tap anywhere else (it’s probably everywhere – we don’t go out that much!).

The restaurant is quite small, with a rustic feel to the décor and a very chilled out, relaxed atmosphere. The menu consists of only burgers; you can either pick one from the menu or build your own (great option if you are trying to eat healthy, there were toppings such as goats’ cheese and spinach and you could just ditch the bun!). I had the Pretentious burger which was a 6oz burger with cheese, bacon and salad. Mike had a similar one but double the size at 12oz.

The burgers were amazing, melt in the mouth meat, not dripping with grease like some burger places and the bun was the perfect size for the burger. The only problem with mine was that it was so big I had to eat it with a knife and fork! Without a doubt my favourite part of the meal was the cheesy, dirty fries. Skinny fries covered in a cheese sauce with bits of bacon – amazing!

By the time we finished our meals we were stuffed (probably why there was no dessert menu). I honestly could hardly move I was so full and Mike looked like he was going to explode. When I woke up the next morning I was still full – always a sign of a good meal.

With great, fresh, tasty food, friendly, attentive but not over the top staff, and bargain prices (£35 for 2 meals with 2 drinks each) we will definitely be returning here on my next treat night, probably with a group of friends, as it is the perfect place to ‘meat’ up with people and enjoy some meat!

Link to the website is here; if you’re in the area check it out you won’t be disappointed!


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