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Monthly Gym Challenge

So I thought it was about time I actually did a post about going to the gym, since that is what this blog is meant to be about. You would be forgiven for thinking I have spent the last weekend stuffing my face, but I have actually gone to the gym once or twice as well. I’m going to try and keep a little gym diary on here, doing regular progress checks and hopefully seeing some improvement, and sharing the workouts I have been doing. I will also be setting myself monthly challenges to motivate and push myself.

Gym diary -Friday (11th March) & Sunday (13th March)

I had the day off work on Friday so had a rare opportunity to have an afternoon session in the Gym. Wow. Afternoon gym sessions are nice. There was hardly anyone there, plenty of machines free, empty changing rooms (great opportunity to take my first gym selfie – only to share with you guys obviously!) and the free weights space was actually free. But weights weren’t on the agenda today, running was.

After reading a few running blogs in the name of research, I felt such motivation that I was halfway to signing up for the next London Marathon, or at least a half. And then I got on the treadmill…

Argh!! I totally forgot how unfit I was. Before I arrived at the gym my plan was to run 5k and when I have a gym plan I stick to it. So I laced my trainers, hopped on the treadmill and started with a power walk for a few minutes to warm up. Then I pressed the 5k setting on the treadmill and set off. Except the treadmill slowed down – to a slow walk! What is this? I don’t want a leisurely stroll; I want to run 5k, I’m training for a marathon here! I plodded on for a few minutes assuming it would start getting faster but it stayed the same. Eventually I clicked onto the fact that I should probably just adjust the speed myself so I boosted the speedup to 10 (10 what I don’t know, the speed just said 10!) and begun a fast jog… for 2 whole minutes before I had to go back down to my power walking speed (5).

Oh dear. Does not look like I will be running a marathon anytime soon, or a half, or 5k. It took me 43.19mins to jog, walk, crawl my way to the end of that 5k, but I did it. I did not get off the treadmill and that is the important thing. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, it doesn’t matter if you jog more than you run, or walk more than you jog. What matters is you got on that treadmill, stuck to your plan and didn’t give up even when you wanted to.

On Sunday I returned to the gym, without a gym plan as at the last minute I joined my sister Tamsin for a workout. I knew I wouldn’t be attempting 5k today (it wouldn’t be fair to make Tamsin wait so long for me to complete it) but I did run a mile.

Well I didn’t run a mile. But I jogged and walked a mile and it took me 13.32 mins.

So my fitness challenge for this month is to focus on running a mile, and improving that time. I’m going to find a pace that suits me and continue that speed for as long as possible and hopefully at the end of the month my time will have improved and I will have a new PB (personal best).

To some of you this might seem like an easy challenge but to me it isn’t, I am a true beginner. I would love it if you would join me on my journey so I’m challenging you to run, jog, drag yourselves through a mile on the treadmill, note your time and then improve it. Even if you walk for the whole mile, you did it, so be proud of yourselves because I’m proud of me!

Let me know in the comments how you get on, if you have any tips for how to run a faster mile or if you know what 10 means on the treadmill!


Tasha xx

Gym selfie 11th March


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