How to join a gym successfully.

You might think joining a gym is simple. Well I suppose it is. But if you want to join a gym and stick with it there are things you need to think about before signing up and parting with your hard-earned cash.

What are you looking for from a gym?

Will you just be using it for workouts or do you want to attend classes? Will you be happy with just machines or would you benefit from a gym with extras such as a swimming pool and sauna? What time will you want to use it? These are things you need to consider when choosing your gym. Do some research online, look at what each one has to offer. There are lots of different gyms available to you (around 20 in Newport alone!) so pick the one that is right for you. If you’re into classes, always check the class timetable and make sure there are a range of ones you like or are keen to try, and make sure they are at times that suit you. Most gyms will offer you the chance to have a look around before you sign up so it’s worth doing this to see if you like it.

How much do you want to spend?

You should have a budget in mind before you start looking at gyms. Recently there has been a spate of budget gyms appearing (think The Gym and Pure Gym). These gyms offer equipment, personal trainers and classes but no extras such as swimming pools. They are usual at the lower end of the budget and you won’t be tied into contract, which is great if you are not sure how long you will stick to it. If you are willing to spend a bit more , there are plenty of options available so pick the best one for you within your budget.

Location, location, location

Realistically it is hard enough to get motivated to go to the gym without it being miles away from your house. Look at ones that are easy to get to, with free or cheap parking. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance to my gym; as horrible as it is walking there in the freezing cold or the rain, the walk home always stretches my legs out a bit.

Find yourself a gym buddy

If you have never been to a gym before it helps if you have someone to go with. I signed up with my sister and having never stepped in a gym before I was grateful to have someone to go with to show me the ropes. It also helps motivate you to go more often. I never want to let my sister down if I have promised to go with her whereas if I’m going by myself I’m more likely to choose sitting on the sofa with a nice cup of tea, watching Corrie and playing Candy Crush instead! Try and find a friend/family member who wants to join, and sign up together. Or ask around your friends to see what gym they use and join theirs.

Go to the gym!

You’ve done your research, chosen the perfect gym for you and convinced/bribed/forced a friend to go with you. There is only one thing left to do…go to the gym!

There are almost 4.5million UK adults (15+) who have gym membership but only 27% of gym members regularly go to the gym*. If you’re going to sign up, do it properly and become one of the 27% who actually make use of their membership.


*Statistics taken from


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