How to get through Easter without looking like an egg!

Easter is upon us and brings with it a long weekend off work and an array of unhealthy food. Every shop you go in has hot cross buns, bright colourful Easter eggs, Easter cakes and Tesco’s has even been selling huge bags of mini Easter Donuts! Easter Donuts… is it really necessary?! Despite having already munched our way through one pack of hot cross buns, this year I am determined to get through Easter healthily. Here are my top tips for getting through Easter without looking like an egg by the end of it!

  • Don’t let anyone buy you an egg!

Most of my family were happy with this to be honest; I think at 29 the general consensus is that I’m getting too old for Easter eggs. Mike however feels the need to buy me an egg (probably because he wants to guarantee an egg in return – your fine Mike I’ve already bought yours!). I have told him several times not to buy me anything even though I know a small part of me will regret it on Easter Sunday, but after having a big box of chocolates for Mother’s day I need to be strong and resist the urge for a large chocolate egg.

  • Get everyone to buy your kids/partner chocolate you don’t like

This is my favourite trick to use at Easter as well as Christmas and birthdays. I absolutely hate white chocolate; Mollie loves it so I always buy her white chocolate for special occasions. That way she keeps all her chocolate to herself without me pinching it

  • Find healthy alternatives to your favourite Easter Treats

There are some great healthy recipes out there for you to try over Easter. Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar) has released a free eBook for people in the UK with healthy sugar free recipes to try over Easter. I have downloaded this and will definitely be trying the Lamb Roast and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Crackles for Mollie and Mike (I hate peanut butter). The Hot Cross Muffins sound delicious as well. You can download the eBook for kindles through amazon using this link:

It is traditional to eat Lamb on Easter Sunday, why not try a new lamb recipe such as this Roast Rack of Lamb with Crushed Potatoes.  After eating a healthy dinner loaded with veggies you’ll be left feeling so full won’t feel like snacking on those eggs! Jamie’s recipe can be found here

  • Get involved in Easter Activities that don’t involve chocolate

With an extra few days off work it is a good opportunity to get out and about and get some exercise. Whether that means an extra gym session, a country walk or trying a new activity, get out there and make the most of the bank holiday weekend.

If you are trying to keep the kids occupied through the Easter holidays get them involved in an outdoor Easter egg hunt, paint hard boiled eggs in pretty patterns or make an Easter bonnet with them. Without wanting to sound preachy, it is important to try and install in our children at an early age that Easter is not all about gorging on chocolate.

Last year I bought plastic eggs and filled them with small treats for Mollie such as hair clips, cute erasers etc. I hid the eggs around the house with clues to lead her to each one. The main prize was a chocolate egg but she only had one and was more excited about hunting for the next clue rather than the actual chocolate. We will be doing this again this year.

easter bunnies.jpg

So that’s it, simple really, get out and about, don’t eat your body weight in chocolate and hopefully you will make it through Easter without feeling and looking like an egg.

What’s your favourite food to have at Easter and do you have any healthy recipes or do you just relax and enjoy it without worrying about gaining weight? Would love to hear your views in the comments!

Have a happy healthy Easter everyone!

Tasha xx


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