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Monthly challenge update– March

So I thought I would give you a little update on the monthly challenges I have set myself this month. There was a food challenge and a fit challenge and in case you missed them you can find them here: Monthly Gym Challenge and here Finding my food Mojo

They were:

  • Try a new recipe featuring salmon as the main ingredient
  • Work on running a mile without stopping and increase my time of 13.32

Food Challenge

I admit with the food challenge there is no new developments.  I wimped out this week and didn’t put it on my shopping list. However, I have started the search through my cookbooks and am definitely going to be including salmon in one of my meals next week.

Fit challenge

The fit challenge is going really well and I’m feeling really positive about it! On Wednesday 16th March I went to the gym in the evening feeling motivated. I jumped on the treadmill and started with a fast walk to warm up. After 3 mins of this I started to jog at a speed of around 8.5 (still have no idea what this actually means!). I realised that last week when I was trying to run at a speed of 10 it was just too fast for me to maintain and I was switching between running and walking too often. This time I decided to try it at a slower pace and it worked really well. I jogged the whole mile without stopping and completed it in 11.30 – almost 2 whole minutes faster than previously!

I was really happy with this and it boosted the rest of my gym session which consisted of 10 mins on the exercise bike completing 2.10 miles keeping my rpms between 70-100 and mixing the resistance between 1-5. Then onto the hip abduction machine 12 reps x 3 with 30 second rests in-between each set with a weight of 18k. Some cardio to finish off – 1200m on the rower in 6.35 mins.

On Thursday the 17th I took a Pure Pump class at the gym. In case you haven’t been to a pump class it is a full body workout using barbells and weights. It’s a 45 min class and it targets all sorts of muscle groups such as triceps, lower back and abs. It’s a brilliant class, I’ve been a few times now so starting to improve at some of the exercises but still find it challenging. After taking the class I went upstairs to use the treadmill. I always like to do 10/15 mins on the treadmill after a class to stretch my legs out a bit. As soon as I attempted a run I realised how heavy my legs felt from the class. There was no way I was going to attempt to run a mile today! I walked on a high incline for around 15 mins and then headed home.


On Saturday I went to the gym whilst Mollie was at ballet, this was a morning workout at 11.15am having had no breakfast. I decided to keep my warm up walk separate this time so completed 3 mins at a fast walk and then reset the treadmill ready to run my mile. This was a great idea and I will be sticking with this as I had a new mile PB of 10.42! I shaved 48 seconds off my Wednesday time and almost 3 mins off my original time! I am so happy with this improvement in such a short space of time (I think I must have been having quite a bad day when I ran my original time). I also felt like I could have run for a bit longer so next time I am going to note my time and then keep going for as long as I can.

So for the rest of the month I will be continuing to focus on my mile pace, hopefully becoming a bit faster, but also if I feel like I can run for a bit longer then I will. My aim is to get my mile time to just below 10mins and to be able to run the whole distance. Will let you know how I get on at the end of the month!

Do you have a fitness challenge for yourself? Any tips for running a faster mile? Would love to hear from you in the comments.


Tasha xx


3 thoughts on “Monthly challenge update– March

  1. Lol! Hitting a mile without stopping is also my running goal 🙂 I only just achieved it a few days ago.

    Regarding tips for running faster, I honestly think it’s best to find a comfortable pace in order to keep running non-stop. If you feel comfy going faster, you can pick up the pace. Personally, I find a slow pace to be more manageable for a long term run.

    Either way, I wish you some great running in the future 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you achieved your goal, it was such a good feeling when I jogged the whole way without stopping! I think you’re right about the pace, slow and steady is the way forward, I think I’ll know when I’m ready to start running faster!
      Happy running!
      Ps your dinner sounds amazing! You have definitely inspired me, I love asparagus aswell so I think I will be trying it next week 😊

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