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Easter Weekend

So it is 8.15pm on the evening of Easter Sunday and I have yet to eat an Easter egg (unless you count a couple of mini eggs Mollie shared with me this morning – I don’t they are tiny!). I think this is quite an achievement considering there are currently 20 chocolate eggs in my house.

Despite the amount of eggs we seem to have accumulated, I have been making an effort this weekend to take the focus away from the food side of Easter and enjoy some quality time with my family and friends instead. So this is what we got up to this weekend:

Good Friday

Mollie was at her father’s for the day and Mike was in work so on the only sunny day of the whole bank holiday weekend, I found myself all alone. What better way to spend this free time than going to the gym. I don’t often get the chance to go to the gym in the middle of the day so I relished the opportunity to try out a new class that I wouldn’t usually be able to. Using the app for my gym, my sister Tamsin, cousin Tara and I booked onto the Pure Abs 30 min class. I have wanted to do a class solely focused on abs for a while in order to learn some new exercises that I can work on at home or at the gym as part of my work out so I was keen to sign up for this.

This class was hard! Some of the moves were old friends (bicycle crunches, Russian twist and sit ups) and some were old enemies (yes side planks I’m talking about you!). There were quite a lot of times I had to pause during an exercise and I have definitely taken away some moves I need to work on (yes side planks, you again!).

Although it was hard, the 30 mins flew by and I did feel good afterwards. I must of done some good work, as I am writing this post 2 days later and can still feel some aching in my stomach muscles. Will be looking out for an opportunity to try out this class again in the near future to hopefully pick up a few more moves!


The weather forecast had been bad for today (weather warnings for strong winds and heavy rain) but we had planned to go to an outdoor Easter Egg hunt in a local National Trust park, Tredegar House. Luckily we woke up to find the bad weather had not reached us yet, so myself, Mollie and a few friends and their kids headed off to have some outdoor fun. The hunt was great fun, instead of searching for eggs we were hunting for clues. My daughter and the older children thoroughly enjoyed finding and reading out the clues to the younger ones who were quite happy to just be running around outside.

I have never been inside Tredegar House or the gardens despite having been to the park many times over the years. The clues were hidden around the ground so it was a nice way to explore them. Unfortunately it started to get cold and windy so we took refuge in the Manor House to warm up.

The house was beautiful. Upon entering a guide explained to us where everything was. He was brilliant with all the children and pointed out things they might like to see (such as the dressing up room) and gave them a sheet each with objects to find.

After exploring the house and spending half hour dressing the children up in old fashioned clothes, the rain had started to pour and the house was becoming quite crowded so we decided to call it a day. We collected the Cadbury’s Easter Bunny’s the children had won for solving all the clues and headed home.

Note: I was very proud of Mollie when she asked me to put her Easter Bunny in the fridge until Easter Sunday as she wanted to save it until then, even though the other kids had already started to eat theirs! Well done Mollie 🙂

Easter Sunday

Last year we started a tradition of an Easter egg hunt in the house for Mollie on Easter Sunday morning. We had written 7 clues for her and hidden them around the house, eventually leading her to the final prize, her Easter egg (and a few others kindly bought by family members). Watching Mollie reading and solving these clues and race around the house to find the next one was so much fun. You only have a short window of years where they believe in the Easter Bunny (if they do at all) and enjoy activities like this so I‘m glad we started this last year. As she gets older we will probably continue the tradition but let her know they are from us rather than the Easter Bunny.

Mollie’s birthday is Thursday next week so we had decided to celebrate it with the family today instead. In the spirit of being active but bad weather forecast again (what a surprise, we do live in Wales!) we had pre booked bowling alleys in our local Bowlplex. So 15 of us headed off to bowl. This was great fun and Mollie and the other children (and the adults) really enjoyed it. My family are great at things like this, they are getting very competitive (there were team captains) and it is always a lot of fun. Mollie being the youngest always has a huge fuss made of her and she collected a few more Easter eggs while we were there.

Birthday cake

The weekend is not over yet. With one more day off work tomorrow, we are meeting up with some more friends and going to another local Easter egg hunt! I hope you have all enjoyed your Easter weekend, have you been to any local events? Would love to hear what you have been up to in the comments.

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Tasha xx


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