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March Challenges – Final Update

March Challenges – Final update

It’s been a busy few days what with the Easter Bank Holiday, Mollie breaking up from school and also her 6th Birthday yesterday (6!! Making me feel old!).  For this reason I haven’t been as focused on my monthly challenges as I would have liked to be and there hasn’t been much change since my last update (you can read this here)

Food Challenge

I can’t believe I am saying this but there is smoked salmon in my fridge! I was fully intending to have it this week, possibly for lunch with scrambled egg and avocado. However my routine along with my meal plan has completely gone out of the window this week and I did not end up having it. It is good to keep for the next two weeks so I will definitely be having it at some point, I’ll let you know how I get on. If you have any good recipes for it let me know in the comments, I am open to ideas.

Fit challenge

After my last update I was feeling really good about this challenge. I am so glad I pushed myself to do it as I have proven to myself that I can jog a mile without stopping and now I can do that who knows what I can do next! I have learnt that slow and steady is the pace for me if I want to jog for more than a minute. I have been using the treadmill at a speed of between 8-9(kph – I finally learnt what it meant!). So here’s what I did;

On Good Friday I made the most of an extra day off work by going to an abs class in the middle of the day. I met my cousin and sister at the gym a little bit earlier to attempt to run my mile before the class. Attempted is the right word, it did not go well! I really struggled and found it hard not to keep slowing down to a walk. I stuck with it though and completed it in 12mins 6 secs, still better than my first ever time but I was not happy with this, I knew I could do better.

So on bank holiday Monday, instead of demolishing the stash of Easter eggs we have in the house, I dragged myself to the gym and ran that mile! My time was 10mins 50sec, pretty good, only 8 seconds away from my PB.

This was the last chance I had to run this month, but I will be sticking with it and using the treadmill as much as I can when I am at the gym. Now I know I can run a mile I will be aiming to run for 1.5 and then 2 and slowly build my strength up and then hopefully start working on my speed.  For now I am just going to be proud of myself for what I have achieved and start thinking of what challenges to set myself for next month.

Did you have any challenges set for yourself during March? If not how about setting some for April? Would love to hear from you in the comments J

Tasha xx



2 thoughts on “March Challenges – Final Update

    1. Thanks! Running 13 times is a great challenge, good to get some practice for that 5k, good luck 🙂 I’ve signed up for a 5k too luckily a bit further away than May! Thanks, I find it really motivating to set a challenge and provide updates.

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