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Cancer, we are coming to get you!!

The Race for Life

I love the Race for Life.  There are a range of races to take part in such as 5k, 10k and half marathons. I like the 5k race as it is a race for people of all running abilities to take part in (plus it’s the only one I feel confident enough to run!). The Race for Life gives you the opportunity to raise money for a brilliant cause and there is always a great atmosphere on the day, I definitely get a little bit emotional reading the messages people write on their race signs.

I have run the race for life twice so far, once in 2011 and again in 2012. After taking a few years off, I have signed up for the 2016 race in June and this time my daughter is doing it with me.

race for life 2011
My sister Tamsin and I before the Race for Life 2011

Mollie is a keen runner. We have been to junior park run together several times and although she finds it challenging, as soon as she has finished she asks to go again next week. Mollie gets really into it and for the few hours after the race has finished, she continuously asks whether her time has been emailed. I don’t really like her to focus on time too much as she is so young (6 as of a few days ago) but she is always keen to see whether she has a new PB. For days afterwards she tells people what her time was and a few times her friends have come along with us so she enjoys competing with them.

caution runners.jpg

Seeing how much she enjoys it and finding her playing with my medals from previous years, I asked her if she would like to take part in the Race for Life this year (or the pink race as she calls it). Immediately she said yes, so, along with a few other family members we have signed up to our nearest race which is in Cwmbran, on 19th June.

The main reason I decided to run it this year is because in the past 2 years we have lost 2 family members to cancer. We lost my Grandfather (Bampi) to Leukaemia in December 2014. Then Mollie’s great Aunty (that makes her sound old, she wasn’t) passed away in January this year after a long battle with breast cancer.

Having never lost any family members before, losing my Bampi was a real shock and brought with it a whole new range of emotions that I had never experienced. It also gave me greater empathy for what other people have gone through. It is so hard when someone passes away, there are no words to explain how you are feeling and no words to try and make other people feel better, all you can do is try and support people as best you can.

With this in mind, I wanted to do something to show my support, not just to my family but to everyone out there who is battling with cancer, to anyone who has battled with cancer and to every person who has watched their friends or family battle cancer. This is my mark of respect to you. You are so brave and only people going through the same thing can ever understand how you feel.

So I signed up for the Race for Life with Mollie. We are fundraising for the event and had originally set a target of £150. We hit this target within 3 days so now we are increasing it to £300. If we can raise this amount of money we will be so happy as it will make such a difference. I won’t be expecting Mollie to run the whole distance as she is only 6, but we will be putting in some training for the event and I will be encouraging her to run as much of the distance as she wants.

I’m not going to ask for sponsorship on here but we will be posting training updates on our  Just Giving page along with Twitter and Instagram (shameless plug!) so if you would like to follow our journey you can do so on there.

Are you doing a charity event this year? And do you have any training tips for a 6 year old (and a 29 year old haha!) Would love to hear from you in the comments.

Tasha xx

For more information on Cancer Research UK and the work they do click here


6 thoughts on “Cancer, we are coming to get you!!

  1. I’m sorry for your loss recently. I lost my grandad a few years ago to Alzheimer’s disease and it was heartbreaking. Like you I hadn’t really lost anyone until then, so it was a shock too. I had grown up thinking my family were untouchable. When this happens, you realise anyone can go at anytime. Perhaps once I start my fitness regime, I should really think of doing the memory walk in memory of him. Well done for starting the training and getting a 6 year old girl interested as well.

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    1. Thank you, im sorry for your loss too, Alzheimers is such a horrible disease. Funnily enough my partner has just signed up for a half marathon in October and he is running for the Alzheimers society. It is horrible, it feels like it only happens to other people so is a real shock when it happens to someone you are close to. I think that is a brilliant idea to do the memory walk. Thank you, I always hated any exercise or sport as a child and don’t want her to be the same so want to encourage her enthusiasm as much as possible.

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      1. Yeah, it is good to encourage exercise in girls. I was the same and hated any form of it when I was a child. Now, I wish that I was fitter. I wish that I had continued dance lesson and lived a more active life.

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      2. Same here! It’s not too late for us though, we can do it now. Mollie already does ballet once a week but I want her to explore all types of sport and fitness to find what she likes

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