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Food Challenge Complete!

I had to share this with you; I finally completed March’s food challenge (yes I know its April now!). For a quick recap on what March’s challenge was, you can read it here. If you don’t have time for that (I get it, we’re busy people) then it was to use smoked salmon in a meal after I’d tried it at a restaurant and quite liked it.

I literally have no fish in my diet at all and really want to start introducing it into my meal plans, so since I had already tried it and not hated it I thought smoked salmon would be the best way to start (plus you don’t have to cook it so I knew I wouldn’t poison myself!).

I had bought the salmon last week but not had chance to use it. I didn’t really want to take it to work for lunch in case it smelt (is there anything worse than sitting next to someone in the office eating fish when you hate the smell of it!) so with the day off work today I decided to try it.

Being a complete newbie to the world of fish, I wasn’t really sure what to have it with but wanted to put it with something I like to help mask the taste in case I didn’t like it. I chose to have it with scrambled egg and toast in the end.

As soon as I took the salmon out of the packet I started to get worried. It looked really fishy and I started to go off the idea of eating it. I have this weird thing with foods I don’t like. I convince myself I don’t like something and then even when I try to eat it I find myself gagging and unable to swallow it. I know it is just a psychological thing and I need to get over it so I was determined not to let it get the better of me with this salmon.

I chopped it up into really small pieces and once the scrambled egg was cooked I mixed it in with it. Omg it started to smell really fishy! Instantly I felt a bit sick and I lost my appetite. I put the mixed salmon and scrambled egg onto a piece of toast and sat down to eat it.

I ate all of it and didn’t gag or feel sick. It was ok, definitely not about to become my new favourite food but it tasted fine. I think mixing it with scrambled egg was a good idea as it took the taste away a bit. I liked the smoky flavour of the fish and the texture of it but occasionally it did smell and taste a bit fishy which put me off. However, bonus point, Mollie was sat next to me while I was eating it, tried a bit and said she really liked it! So I think I will buy it again and have it with her. If I can introduce it into her diet then that would be brilliant as currently the only fish she eats in this house is fish fingers!

I’m so pleased that I made myself try it; fish is so good for you and there are so many benefits of eating it that it really is something I need to learn to love. The success of this challenge got me thinking about what April’s challenge should be. I don’t really want to try fish again just yet but I thought I would try something else that I have always hated but has become increasingly popular over the last few years…curry!

It seems like all my friends go out for curry and I never go because I always think there is nothing I can eat because I won’t like it. I’ve also seen lots of recipes for curries that look delicious but always been too scared to try.

So that is April’s challenge. I’m going to start by cooking my own curry rather than going out for one or ordering one. I’m going to search my favourite cookbooks and find 3 different curry recipes and try them over the course of the month. Hopefully I will like at least one of them! If the challenge goes well I will be taking Mike out for a curry to celebrate as it is one of his favourite foods that he rarely eats these days because I don’t eat it. I will let you know how I get on.

Are there any foods you don’t like but wish you did? Do you have any favourite curry recipes I should try? I don’t like really hot food so no vindaloos please, and it must be relatively healthy! Would love to hear from you in the comments.

Tasha xx


2 thoughts on “Food Challenge Complete!

  1. I have foods that I don’t like and have tried. Although people tell me “just because you don’t like it one way, doesn’t mean you won’t like it another way”; some of the foods are sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, peas, lima beans, eggplant. Those are some to just name a few. I wish I could eat them with no issues, but they all tasted gross to me. LOL it is a shame because they are offered in so many recipes.


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    1. Haha yeah that is a shame as those are all quite good foods and will be found in loads of healthy recipes. I have found there is no point trying to force yourself to like something that you hate, it just doesn’t work!

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