Why I avoid alcohol.

I have been a bit quiet on the blog front the last few days. I’ve been so busy this week. My active Newport 2 week trial membership started so I’ve been trying to take as many classes and fit as many training sessions in as I can. I’ve got some good posts coming up next week though so watch out for them!

I had a work night out on Friday which resulted in an 8 hour drinking session in the nearby city of Cardiff so I was suffering with a bad hangover for most of Saturday. This year I have made a conscious effort not to drink as much as I used to for several reasons:

  1. Hangovers – I get the absolute worst hangovers! It doesn’t seem to be related to what I drink, or how much I drink, sometimes as little as 2 pints of lager can wipe me out for the whole of the next day. I’ve tried sticking to the same drinks and mixing my drinks, it all seems to have the same effect. I have tried every hangover cure under the sun but nothing works for me. Sometimes I even get 2 day hangovers. So many times I have cancelled plans due to a heavy hangover or had to spend the day in bed and this year I decided that I had had enough of it and having a drink just isn’t really worth it.
  2. Feeling out of control – I used to love the confidence that alcohol gave me on a night out. I used to feel like I couldn’t socialise unless I had a drink in my hand and always felt I was a lot more fun around when I’ve had a drink. Unfortunately I’m not one who knows my limits and one drink quickly turns into 10 and before you know it you’re no longer being the life and soul of the party, you are now the drunken mess in the corner that someone has to put in a taxi at the end of the night. I still like a drink at social gatherings but I have learnt to drink a bit slower, have smaller measures of alcohol and have started to recognise when I need to switch to soft drinks. I have also learnt that you don’t need a drink to give you confidence when meeting new people, alcohol shouldn’t be used in this way and just be an extra addition to the party not the whole reason you are going to the party.
  3. Lose weight – I will be honest and admit part of the reason I have curbed my drinking is to help with weight loss and leading a healthier lifestyle. Alcohol is just empty calories, lager and wine are my favourites and they are 2 of the most calorific drinks there are. Also drinking makes me really hungry. If I’m at home having a few bottles of lager it just feels wrong unless there is a bag of crisps or peanuts to go with it. If I’m on a night out there is nothing I love more at the end of the night than a kebab or a McDonalds, what is it about alcohol that just makes me crave greasy food? Also my hangover munchies the next day are a killer and once I have got over feeling sick I will eat everything in sight and its never usually a salad!
  4. Saving money – In our house 2016 is known as the Year of the Save. We are desperate to get on the property ladder and own our own home so every penny counts at the moment. Alcohol is not the cheapest and we were at a stage where we were re stocking the fridge with lager before it had even emptied. Tightening the purse strings meant alcohol was one of the first things to go, though when the summer kicks in I’m sure we will be tempted by beer gardens and cool, refreshing bottles of lager in the garden!

So those are the main reasons I don’t really drink anymore. However Friday night was my works leaving do and even though I planned on not staying out too late I ended up out all night. I had a great time and really enjoyed myself. I stuck to lager and wine, drank bottles of lager instead of pints and had a big meal when we were out, but still felt tipsy by the end of the night. I managed to avoid a kebab stop on the way home though so points for that!

I woke up Saturday feeling as if someone was stood on my head, my mouth felt furry and when I moved too quickly the room spun, classic hangover symptoms. The gym session I had planned for that morning was quickly cancelled, however I did manage to pull myself together in time to meet my friend at a local food festival (which was amazing for my hangover munchies) and then me and Mike went out for dinner at our local Chiquitos (alcohol free – I had a mock tail!!), so the day wasn’t a total write off!

It’s now Sunday and my hangover is gone. I’m still annoyed about missing my gym session Saturday but why dwell on yesterday when you can focus on today. I had a great session this morning with a personal trainer (post about that coming soon!) and will be back into the swing of things this week with some exciting classes booked.

Did you all have a good weekend? Do you enjoy drinking or is it something you choose to limit? And more importantly, do you have any hangover cures you can share with me? My sister’s hen do is a couple of weeks away and I doubt I will be making it through the whole weekend stone cold sober! Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Tasha xx

P.S. I couldn’t really find a good feature image for this blog post so I thought I would just include a few of my favorite drunken photos!



8 thoughts on “Why I avoid alcohol.

  1. The last time I drank alcohol was the worst. It was during the beginning of November, at a party, on a Friday night. Right when I entered the place, I had several greetings with friends and all, but while I was saying hello, I was walking towards the drinks. Back then, every party I went to I had to be drunk or at least tipsy to have fun, or else I would be extremely bored. So, after about 7 or 8 shots, I was already starting to trip over myself. About an hour into the party, I stumbled to the trashcan and started throwing up, which was absolutely the worst thing ever. The party ended earlier than thought, so I never got a chance to sober up and basically my friends had to drag me back to my friend’s house where I was spending the night. The next morning I told myself I’m done with alcohol forever.

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    1. Wow that does sound like a bad experience, how do you feel now you’ve given up drinking? I’ve had so many bad experiences with alcohol but never really had the wake up call until this year when I realised I just don’t want to get drunk anymore. Don’t get me wrong I still have the odd drink but am much better at keeping control over it and stopping before I end up in a massive state! Thank you for your comment 😊

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      1. Controlling yourself when drinking is very crucial, so that’s really good that you have a limit. I feel better, honestly, but I never really enjoyed alcohol. I always thought it tasted bad, except for German and Belgium beer. Those are amazing. A little later I tried taking a shot when I was on a party bus, but I spit it out because I couldn’t swallow it down. So now, whenever I smell alcohol, it reminds me of that night, which isn’t very pleasant. Although I gave up drinking, I still get “lifted” if you know what I mean. It’s better in my opinion. Opens my mind to so many different creative things, that I have never thought of before. You’re welcome, by the way. Reading the post, it just reminded me of that time, haha.

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  2. Hi found you via Des over at Living the Fit Life, thanks to Liebster 🙂
    Total agree with you on the alcohol, my bf and I decided to go the month of April without drinking and we have saved so much money and I’ve lost almost 7 pounds! My only hangover “cure” is drinking lots of coconut water, and having a good breakfast asap!

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    1. Hiya, the liebster is working it’s magic already haha, such a great way to meet new bloggers! Wow that’s an amazing weight loss just from 1 month, really shows how alcohol effects your body. I definitely think cutting right back has helped with my weight loss too so I might try giving it up for a month too. I’ve never tried coconut water so will have to check it out! Thanks for your comment 😊

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