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Finding my Motivation

A few people have asked me lately how I find my motivation or have said they wish they could find theirs. I have also had 2 sessions now with a personal trainer and during the 2nd session some time was spent discussing goals and motivation. This has made me think hard over the last week or so about how I motivate myself and why.

During my 2nd PT session we talked about my goals and barriers. My goals were to lose a bit of weight, get a lot fitter and get to a point where exercise is a natural part of my life. My barriers were childcare, work and I was really honest and said pure laziness. As horrible as it is to admit, I know I am a lazy person. Most of the time I would much rather be led on the sofa with a bag of crisps watching back to back episodes of my favourite TV show. I love lie-ins and could quite happily stay in bed all day. If there is a choice between housework and anything else I will chose anything else. It takes effort to get me to the gym and workout.

Kris gave me a really good tool to help with this laziness and to help with motivation so I thought I’d share with you (just in case anyone as lazy as me is reading this – you don’t even have to go to the gym to use this tool, you can just do it on the sofa!). He asked me to picture myself on a path, with 2 different routes in front of me and think about where I would be in a years’ time depending on which route I picked.

Route No1 is to continue what I have started over the past few months. To keep going to the gym at least 3 times a week, to keep eating healthily and cooking using ingredients rather than processed foods. How do you think you will feel in a year’s time if you continue to do this?

Route No2 is to do nothing. To choose the sofa instead of the gym, choose a takeaway over cooking a healthy meal, to stay the way I was before I started exercising and not make any changes. How do you think you’d feel in a year’s time?

Kris then asked which route I think would be the easiest route. I said route No2. In some ways it would be, it’s easier to do nothing, to not make any changes, to pretend you feel fine as you are because on a day to day basis you do feel fine. Until next time you’re in the changing rooms trying on dresses for your friend’s wedding, feeling like crap in all of them because you hate your body. Until next time you hate yourself for binge eating all the junk food in the cupboard, or even worse, your child’s Christmas chocolate when they are in bed (yes I did that!). Until next time you have to wear a bikini on holiday and don’t want to move from the sun lounger to the pool without getting fully dressed because you are ashamed of how your body looks.

Is it easy to feel like that? No, it’s really, really hard, and horrible to feel so low. Route No2 is not the easy route, it is the lazy route. Route No1 will not feel like the easy route at first, it probably will never be easy but it will become natural, it will become part of your life and the positive effect it will have on your mind and body will make life become that much easier.

This really made me think. In a year’s time I will be 30, if I don’t make these changes now I will be overweight, I will be unfit, I will be unhealthy, I will not be a good role model for my daughter, I will not be on the path to living a long healthy life, I will not be happy with myself and I will not be happy in life.

If I continue what I have started over the past few months I will change shape, I will build strength, I will be more confident, I will have more energy, I will meet my goals, I will be a positive role model for Mollie, I will be happy.

This really stayed with me during and after the session and up til now a week later. It will stay with me forever. We all have bad days. We all have times when life has been busy, we are tired, the kids have been playing up, your house is a mess, and you have tons of crap to do. But, if you don’t make these changes now, if you don’t dedicate some time during your week to doing a bit of exercise, to planning and cooking healthy meals, to making some changes, then in a year’s time you will still be unhappy with your body/weight/shape but it will be a year later and even harder to get off that sofa.

Of course this might not work for everyone. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to change and everyone has different ways of motivating themselves. I just wanted to share it with you as it really helped me make sense of why I am doing what I’m doing, why I have set the goals I have and how I will feel when I achieve them. This is my new motivation and I know that next time I feel like skipping that gym session to stay in bed I will think about the Tasha a year from now and how she will be so disappointed that I didn’t stick with what I started.

What motivates you in life? Do you need a push and a shove to get your bum to the gym or are you already motivated? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Tasha xxx


24 thoughts on “Finding my Motivation

  1. Great Post, I totally agree I have never regretted working out even if I hate it at the time. I also feel the same way about being a role model for the kids. I never really committed to exercise till I had them.
    I always think don’t just focus on the destination, enjoy the journey and you’ll be there before you know it. Keep up the good work

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    1. Thank you 😊I think it’s so important to try and teach our children the healthy way to live, especially as I have a daughter and there is so much pressure on girls/women to look a certain way. I want her to lead an active healthy life and not turn to faddy crash diets when she’s older. Great advice about enjoying the journey rather than focusing on the destination, im definitely learning to enjoy it 😊 thank you again!

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    1. Thank you 😊 that’s good that they have become a therapy for you, I do find that during the time I’m working out I don’t really think about much else due to concentrating on what I’m doing. It’s a good way to escape for an hour!

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  2. I wrote a post just the other day on procrastination. I was nice about it however. It’s not in the title of the post, but I do discuss it with my visitors. I suspect we all have something we’d rather not do. I further suspect we don’t always use our time wisely. However, I don’t feel you are lazy OR procrastinating, because it takes energy to do whatever you are doing. And you are always doing something, even when you are sleeping. I believe it’s about prioritizing, and becoming consciously aware of our choices. Like your trainer mentioned, visualize what your outcome will most likely be if you choose a certain path. That may do it for you. As my post mentions, some people need a deadline.

    Personally, I love the feeling of accomplishment. That’s one of the many rewards I afford myself. Yes! I believe in rewarding myself when I complete a task. I also say: “thank you” to myself and specifically state what I am thanking myself for. It seems to work for me. Otherwise, I just admit to myself in a kind and gentle way that I’m OK with occasionally doing nothing at all.

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    1. I look forward to reading it, I’m am definitely a procrastinator at times! I agree it’s definitely about prioritising and I also believe in rewarding yourself. The rewards from exercising regularly are amazing, seeing my strength improve and my body change really spurs me to carry on. And I’m totally ok with doing nothing from time to time, we all need a rest day! Thanks for stopping by and commenting 😊

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    1. Thank you! I think it’s something we all struggle with from time to time. No I haven’t tried it, I follow her on instagram though and the transformations look amazing so she must be doing something right!


      1. I’ve done it for the past 8 weeks and the changes I’ve noticed in my body are amazing. The community is very supportive and amazing. I made a bbg Instagram to keep myself accountable. You should definitely try it out!!

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      2. Sounds like your doing really well on it, I’ll have to check out your instagram! I don’t really know much about it if I’m honest so will be looking into it!


  3. Motivation is so important! Usually it’s for holidays and summer that I do it for but I always feel unhappy if I don’t exercise – not because it doesn’t look good but because I start getting stomach problems if I don’t – weird right? Maybe it’s an association but I’ve noticed it most recently so have to go gym once/twice a week or feel uncomfortable.

    Alina | interiors blogger UK

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    1. That is weird but at least you have identified it and are doing something about it. Just shows how much exercise can help us in so many ways. For me I just feel a lot more positive about life when I exercise and it helps clear my mind as I just focus on what I am doing.


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