My 2nd PT Session

PT Session No2

I touched upon my 2nd PT session in my last post but I thought I would go into a bit more detail about what we did during the session.

I met up with Kris from Active Newport at 10.30 am. We talked about my goals and barriers for a bit and I explained that I go to the gym usually twice a week and then try and catch a class or two as well. I also said that when I go to the gym I don’t always feel like I’ve done the best workout I possibly could, basically half the time I don’t have a clue what I am doing so just use a few of the machines such as the treadmill and rower. Whilst I know I have done some good (I always work up a sweat), I know there is more I could be doing and want to make my time spent in the gym as productive as possible. Kris said the aim of today’s session would be to create a plan that I could follow in the gym over the next 4 weeks to help me meet my goals.

So my goals were:

  • To get fitter
  • To lose weight
  • To tone up areas such as my arms and stomach

We started off by leaving the gym! I wasn’t expecting that and was half hoping we would be off to the café for a plate of chips but alas no, we were starting with a warm up that involved getting out of the gym. The site I was on was the Newport Velodrome, which unsurprisingly has a huge cycle track. The warm up was to walk along the path above this track and once all the way around, jog down the corridor towards the gym. This is to be repeated 3 times, power walking around the track then jogging down the corridor until the final time when I had to stop and go into the gym. This was a fab idea and something I will be doing before I go into the gym and start my session.

The next thing we did was a speed interval treadmill workout. This workout is split into 3 stages.

  • Stage 1 – walk at a speed of 5.2-5.8kmph for 2 mins
  • Stage 2 – jog at a speed of 7.6-8kmph for 1.30mins
  • Stage 3 – run at a speed of 10.5-11kmph for 30 seconds

This is to be repeated for a total of 15 mins. Every exercise Kris gave me is one that can be progressed throughout the 4 weeks to see some improvement. The progression for this exercise is to slowly shorten the walking time until eventually there is none and you are just switching between running and jogging.

The next machine we used was the exercise bike. Kris chose a zone training program for me and put it at the moderate level for 10 mins. This program measures your heart rate and shows you how hard you are working based on how high it goes and displays this information with coloured lights. The lights should stay green, if they drop to yellow you are not working hard enough, if it goes to red it is too hard. This was great except your heart rate is measured by using the handles on the bike, so every time you move your hand to get a drink (or wipe the sweat pouring off you) it drops you down to yellow. You can counteract this by getting a heart rate monitor that can link up to the bike but I’m not sure if I am going to invest in one just yet. I found the programme quiet easy so the progression for this exercise is to up the time to 15mins and move onto the harder programme.

We then moved on to the rower. I get the feeling the rowing machine is not the most popular in the gym. It always seems to be tucked away in the corner being ignored for the flashier machines. Personally I love the rower and always make it a part of my workout. I’m not sure why I love it so much except for its something you can sit down whilst using and it’s pretty hard to use it wrong.

Kris set the resistance to 5 which I was surprised at because I always have it a bit higher. The plan for this machine was to set it on the 500m programme and then row at maximum effort to get down to 0m as quick as possible. I completed this within 2.30mins which I was really happy with. The progression for this machine is to try and reduce my time and introduce a second interval after a minutes rest. I am looking forward to working on this one as I like using the rower and am keen to see my time improve.

So that’s all the cardio done with, now it’s time for the weights. Kris showed me how to use several different machines, most of which I had been too scared to use before. It was great being shown how to use them properly, getting tips on my form and what weight I should be using. These are the machines I will be using on the plan (each will be used for 8 repetitions and 3 sets, no rest in between and moving straight onto the next one):

  • Chest Press – weight 20kg
  • Lat Machine – weight 20kg
  • Total Abdominal – weight 20kg
  • Lower back – weight 20kg
  • Cable triceps press down – weight 10kg
  • Cable bicep curl – weight 10kg

Some of these were really hard, the chest press and lat machine in particular. I thought the weight might be too heavy for me but Kris explained that the first 5 reps should be ok and the last 3 should be challenging, which they certainly were.

And that was it, end of workout. The plan is to be used every time I go to the gym over the next 4 weeks and I can use it to monitor my progress. I am going to do this (though as I’m writing it I realise I was given this Sunday 17th April and I haven’t done it once yet!). At the end of the 4 weeks they will give me a call and we can create a new plan. I’m excited to see how much I can progress over the next 4 weeks.

PT Plan

I really enjoyed this session with Kris and it was definitely worth doing. It’s so nice to train with someone who knows exactly what you need to be doing. I now feel confident enough to use machines that I never would normally go near, and I know when I walk into the gym I will be doing a good workout that will be pushing my body and building strength. I can’t wait to go back at the end of the 4 weeks and work on creating a new plan!

Do you follow a fitness plan? Is it one you created yourself or did someone help you out? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Tasha xx

I was given this personal trainer session for free by Newport Live but the views are all my own. For more information about Newport live please click here.

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