Monthly Roundup

Monthly Roundup – April

So it’s my 2nd monthly roundup and again it is late (sorry!) I have been crazy busy the last week and really haven’t had much time to blog, but I’m back now and have lots of exciting blog posts planned for May! Here’s what I got up to in April:

Class challenge

The challenge I set myself for April was to try as many different classes as I could, write reviews about them, discover what I liked, what I needed to work on more and learn from it.

I really, really enjoyed this challenge and the only thing that annoyed me was not having enough time to write about all the classes I had done. As well as the ones I wrote about I also tried Yoga, Pilates, Body Blast and Insanity. These were all great fun and I have decided that my favourite types of classes are the ones that are based around HIIT style workouts or interval training.

Some of the moves I struggle with the most are lunges, jumping lunges, side planks, burpees and Russian twists. I have decided that I am going to find/design a workout that incorporates all of these exercises and try and complete it at home a couple of times a week, hopefully I will notice some progress after a few weeks!

Food Challenge

I set myself a food challenge of this month to try out 3 curries and try to learn to love them. I totally failed on this challenge, I didn’t even try one! I have decided these food challenges are not for me! When I feel like I’m being forced to do something I instantly don’t want to do it, so feeling like I have to try a new food by a deadline is really putting me off and making me rebel against myself.

I am going to stick with eating healthily and try out new recipes and share the details of those with you. Hopefully this will allow me to become a bit more creative with my cooking rather than following a cook book all the time.

Tamsin’s Hen do!!

The highlight of the month was definitely my sister’s hen do. As Maid of Honour I was in charge of organising and planning and we had kept every detail a complete surprise from her. This is part of the reason I have not blogged for over a week. I was just so busy getting all the last minute details sorted and then having fun with all the girls.

The hens

The weekend went amazingly well, Tamsin had an amazing time, as did all of her friends and family. We had a 2 night stay in Birmingham and crammed loads into the weekend including a casino night, chilling in a spa and a 3 course meal in a lovely restaurant. My favourite part had to be the treasure hunt we completed around Birmingham. This was run by a group Wildgoose Adventures and was completed by ourselves using an app on our phones. We split into teams and then had to follow a map around the city centre to different locations, finding clues, answering questions and completing challenges along the way. I had my doubts about how well this was going to turn out but thankfully it was a huge hit with everyone and we all had a great time completing it. I would definitely recommend doing something like that, it was good to spend some time in smaller teams and get to know some of the girls a bit better and it was a great way to see spots of Birmingham that we wouldn’t usually have seen. Already started searching to see if there is one in our nearby city of Cardiff!

Disney on Ice

I took Mollie, along with 5 other family members, to see Disney on Ice in Cardiff. I love Disney and I love Ice skating so to have the 2 combined is like heaven on earth for me. I have been before a couple of years ago but this was Mollie’s first time. To see the look on her face throughout the show was amazing. Our favourite parts were the Frozen scenes at the end of the show. They skated through all our favourite songs and Mollie was singing along at the top of her voice, there was even snow floating down from the ceiling (well, cotton wool but it looked like snow!). This was a truly magical show and I recommend anyone who loves Disney, no matter how old, to get tickets and see it.

Joining a new Gym!

Since January I have been a member of Pure Gym in Newport. I love this gym and do feel a special attachment to it as my first ever gym, but the time has come to move on. I was lucky enough to be offered a couple of free weeks with Newport Live, who run a few gyms around Newport. I loved trying out their classes and gyms so I have decided to become a member with them. Ideally I would love to have membership with both as they both offer different things, but, as it is the year of the save for us, I really can’t justify having 2 memberships, maybe one day though!

I am really excited about what Newport Live has to offer, and I promise there will be some exciting blog posts coming up about the new things I am trying.

Weight loss achievement

I have a love/hate relationship with the weighing scales (blog post about that coming soon!) and the scales we have at home is a really old fashioned one with a little dial that changes depending on what angle you look at it from. Basically, it is not very accurate and you can’t really notice a weight loss until you’ve dropped (or put on!) around half a stone so I don’t pay that much attention to it.

However, this month I went to the doctors and they weighed me on their scales. The last time I was weighed there was in February when I was 68kg (10st7lb). This time, 12 weeks later, I weighed 62.7kg (9st8lb!!!). This is a weight loss of almost a stone in the past 12 weeks, not including the weight I had lost after Christmas and before February which was about 5lb. I am so happy with this loss and love how much my body has changed. I don’t really have much more weight to lose so now I want to focus on toning up and getting fitter.

There are loads more things I could mention but I will leave it there for now. April has been another fab month and I’m really excited to see what May has to offer!

What was your favourite thing about April? Did you meet any goals you’d set yourself? Let me know all about your month in the comments!

Tasha xxx


4 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup – April

  1. Wow amazing job on the weightloss. I hate the scale I refuse to go on it, good thing we don’t have one in my apartment, so if I really want to weigh myself I have to do it at the gym. I have a pair of skinny jeans that are the measuring tool. Hopefully next month I’ll actually be able to wear them.
    On a totally random note I loved your blog, so much that I nominated you of the Ewonderhub Award 🙂 Check put the post on

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always refused to use scales too until Mike brought one over, now I weigh all the time! I use clothes as a measurement too like you. Thank you so much for the nomination 😊 I’m away for the night but will check it out as soon as I get back! X


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