Sunday Planning – Week #1

I’ve decided to start doing a new regular Sunday post sharing with you my plan for the week ahead. I’m doing this for 2 reasons. To keep myself organised, and to make sure I blog regularly. Lately I have been a little off track not just with blogging but also with healthy eating and exercise. I would love to blame it on the fact that it was because of exam season and I was so stressed out with revision that I had no time for anything else, but that would be a lie. Yes I did have exams (2 AS Level Economics exams) but the real reason for my lack of everything these past few weeks is…wait for it… Netflix!

Well more specifically, Pretty Little Liars!! How did I only just discover this programme? I love it, I am so addicted to it I think I actually need to find some sort of support group to join. Mike absolutely hates it and refuses to watch it so I have found myself using every spare moment when I am on my own to watch it. These are the times that I would usually be blogging or at the gym but instead I am glued to the TV watching an American drama about 4 teenage girls being tortured by a mysterious A.

Seriously, what have I become?!?

Anyway I am starting to come out of the other side and step away from the TV. I have gone to a few gym classes over the last 2 weeks and my healthy eating is almost back on track (minus a huge meal at TGI’s the other night, a Dominoes on Friday night and chips and an ice cream at Barry Island today…oops!). To help keep me away from Netflix and part of the real world I have decided to post these weekly plans of what I will be eating, what workouts I will be doing and what my goals are. So let’s get on with it.

What Am I Eating This Week?

I’m so boring; I literally have the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day.

  • Breakfast – Blueberries, full fat Greek natural yoghurt and milled chia seeds
  • Lunch – Salad consisting of iceberg lettuce, spinach, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber and feta cheese

I will try and mix it up a bit and I do have different meals on the weekend but these are my usual Monday-Friday meals. So many people say to me that it’s really boring to eat the same thing every day but I find it helps keep my food shopping bill low and since these are foods I enjoy eating I don’t really get bored of them. I have something different for dinner every night so it’s not like I actually eat the same food every single day.


Sunday – Pizza and garlic bread (Treat night)

Monday – Homemade Tomato soup (Jamie Oliver recipe)

Tuesday – Sausages, homemade chips and beans

Wednesday – Lasagne

Thursday – Chicken stir fry (Own recipe)

Friday – Chilli (Lean in 15 recipe)

Saturday – Chicken with egg fried rice and peas.

Yes my week starts on a Sunday. This is because we Mike does the food shopping every Sunday morning so our week starts then. It’s not the healthiest of weeks this week but Mollie is eating with us most days and that makes it harder as I don’t like to cook 2 separate meals for us all but there are a lot of things she refuses to eat. This will be the first time I have made tomato soup myself so I’m hoping it will turn out alright and she will actually eat it.

Workout plan:

The aim is to workout at least 3 times a week but I don’t always hit this so I’m hoping by planning and booking any classes I’m going to that week on a Sunday I will be organised all week and actually hit my workout goals.

Monday – Gym (PT Plan)

Tuesday – At home YouTube workout

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Boot camp 5pm

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Rest day

Sunday – Junior Parkrun with Mollie or Gym


This week my goals are to:

  • Be in bed by 10.30 pm every night this week
  • Wear my Fitbit every day this week and hit my 10,000 steps
  • Attempt an at home Youtube workout

Next Sunday I will have a look at if I stuck to my plan and how good/bad I was at achieving my goals. I will also post what’s coming up for the new week ahead.

Do you plan your life or do you just go with the flow? What do you need to get motivated? And do you love a Netflix binge, what’s your favourite TV programme? Would love to hear from you in the comments.

Tasha xxx


5 thoughts on “Sunday Planning – Week #1

  1. Planning def. helps me too…which is something I have been lacking for the last few weeks… Been eating like poo, and enjoying those summer beverages…Glad I read this today as I am planning to get back on my blog, and back on track, good to know I’m not the only one struggling a bit. 🙂 Dinner sounds delicious this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear it’s not just me finding it hard at the moment. It must be this time of year, now the sun is out I’m less inclined to spend time in the gym and more time drinking nice cold refreshing lager in the sunshine! Good luck with getting back on track 😊


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