Monthly Roundup

Monthly Round Up – May

How did May go so quickly? I swear it was the 1st of May and then I blinked and here we are at the beginning of June! This month I definitely went off track with healthy eating, exercise and blogging and I can’t really pin point why. I think partly it was due to changes in my routine. Work gave me 5 days study leave as I had 2 AS Level Economic exams. I split these over 2 weeks which upset my routine completely. During these days off I felt like I was under house arrest and felt guilty every time I did anything that wasn’t revision related including gym and blogging. Also, being home all day makes me hungry bored so Mollie’s Easter egg stash took a beating (yes this kid still has Easter Eggs left, she is such a hoarder!). I did however appreciate the lazy mornings, not having to get up and rush around for the school run and get ready for work. I used this time to create some healthy breakfast/brunch recipes which I will be sharing on here soon!

I didn’t set myself any monthly challenges in May as I was just too busy, but here are a few highlights from my month!

Fitting into a size 10 dress

And not just any old dress either, my bridesmaid dress! When my sister bought the dresses she bought me a size 12. I was determined to lose weight and have lost over 5kgs and dropped a dress size down to a 10! Tamsin swapped the bridesmaid dress to a size smaller and it fits perfectly. Now I think she is just hoping I don’t lose any more weight and have to change it down any further!


I sometimes organise trips for work and this year I am doing a Christmas Market trip to Manchester. The hotel I am using very kindly offered us a free night a few weeks ago so Mike and I went up to check it out. The hotel was fab although it is a little out of the way (around 30 mins from the city centre in a place called Leigh.) but it is more than suitable for the trip.

The best thing about Manchester is the shopping. We only had 1 day there so we decided to skip the Trafford centre and head into the city centre instead and spend the day at the Arndale centre. I was on the hunt for some Ivy Park gym gear but the Selfridges is really small in Manchester so they didn’t have much choice (though their yoga mats were amazing and if I had £65 spare I would definitely have been buying this one below!)

Yoga MatSelfridges

 I didn’t end up buying anything from Ivy Park but did invest in a new Ellesse top (love their range at the moment) and a khaki casual bomber jacket form Zara for the bargain price of £30! Mike also spotted what is likely to be the bargain of 2016. A heart rate monitor in Primark reduced from £25 to £5!! I haven’t tried it yet but am keen to wear it next time I go to a fitness class to track my heart rate.

TreeTop Adventure Golf and Ed’s Diner

A couple of weekends ago we decided that the 3 of us needed a day out. Mollie suggested crazy golf so we headed to Cardiff for TreeTop Adventure Golf. This place is brilliant; if you haven’t been I suggest you check it out. We are a bit crazy golf obsessed in our family so it is great to have this one so close to us for whenever we feel like a bit of healthy competition.

There are 2 courses of 18 holes each, you can do either or both. We decided Mollie demanded to do both so we did. The whole place is done out in a jungle theme with lots of rainforest plants and sounds and even the odd thunderstorm. 36 holes is a bit much for a 6 year old but Treetops is fab in that they let you play one course and then you can leave and come back later to play the 2nd course, you just need to keep your receipt. This is fab if you have younger children who want to do the whole thing but get tired/bored quite easily.

We left Treetops to get food at Ed’s diner which was super delicious. It was perfect for Mollie as she loves hot dogs and we both had amazing Chocolate Milkshakes (I had the skinny one but nothing about it tasted skinny at all!). I also had the original hot dog with a side of chilli cheese fries. The food was really good but the portions were huge. I couldn’t finish all my chips and I think next time I would just share a portion with Mike instead of having one each.

We headed back to golf and played our second round which was going great until I got hit in the head with a stray golf ball!! Seriously, it could only happen to me! It really hurt but luckily we were on the last few holes so we weren’t there much longer.

Barry Island

The sun has come out in Wales!! Yaaay! After what seems like months of grey skies, icy winds and torrential rain we finally have some sunshine for more than one day at a time. For our first outing of the year we decided to head to Barry Island near Cardiff. As a kid we used to regularly go to Barry. It is a small seaside resort with a beach and funfair. In recent years it had become really run down and most of the fair was broken or closed.  However last year someone invested some money into the fairground and had made lots of improvements. I didn’t actually go last year so  hadn’t seen this transformation for myself so with a free Sunday afternoon this weekend we decided to head on down there to check it out.

We arrived around 4pm and the beach was heaving! I genuinely have not seen Barry Island that busy in years, it was brilliant. The beach was full of sunbathers and families playing games and building sandcastles, it was lovely to see the place looking how it used to when I was younger.

We sat on the beach for a couple of hours, had some chips and an ice cream, gambled away all our 2p’s in the amusement arcade and had a really great afternoon together.

So those were my highlights of May. Loving the change in the weather so hoping for lots more outdoor activities and family days out over the next couple of months.

What did you get up to last month? Have you been to the beach yet this year? Do you ever go back to places you went to as a child and see that they have improved/gotten worse? Would love to hear from you in the comments!


Tasha xx


5 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up – May

  1. Sounds like a fun month! I was a bit dubious about fitness trackers at first but now I love them! They really help me to keep track of things. I hope you enjoy yours too : )

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    1. It was a really fun month! Yeah they are pretty good, I have the fitbit flex, the only problem I have is I jeep forgetting to wear it but I’ve been pretty good this week. I love how it tracks your sleep!
      Ps I’m replying to your comment using the wordpress app. It’s great thanks for recommending it 😊

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