Sunday Planning – Week 2

It’s Sunday already! These weeks are flying by. We are a week into June and the weather has been beautiful here in South Wales, hope you have all been enjoying nice weather too!

So here is my second Sunday planning post. I’m going to give you a quick round up of how my week went and what I’ve got planned for next week. So let’s jump straight in!

Meal Plan for last week:

What I had planned to have is in black, what I actually had is in pink!

Sunday – Pizza and garlic bread (Treat night) – Chippy Tea at Barry Island and an Ice cream

Monday – Homemade Tomato soup (Jamie Oliver recipe) – Tomato soup for lunch instead of dinner, pizza and garlic bread for tea!

Tuesday – Sausages, homemade chips and beans – Cheese twist and Pain au Chocolate from Lidl’s

Wednesday – Lasagne – Quinoa, chicken, peppers, courgettes, Peri Peri sauce

Thursday – Chicken stir fry (Own recipe) – Chilli con Avocado (Lean in 15)

Friday – Chilli (Lean in 15 recipe) – Work night out, Chicken Burritos and Churros for dessert at Las Iguanas

Saturday – Chicken with egg fried rice and peas – Dinner out at a local pub, nachos to start and cheese burger and chips

Umm so yeah, did not really stick to the meal plan this week! Typical the first week I start publicly sharing my meal plan we completely go off track, but I guess that just shows how easy it is to let life get in the way of your plans.

I think the problem last week was that it was half term so we were a bit thrown out of our routine. I was good Monday and realised I wouldn’t have time to make tomato soup in the evening so made it for lunch instead but then was bad and had pizza for tea. Tuesday was a complete fail. Mollie and I were going to see my sisters new house after work and I didn’t have time to cook so we ended up buying some pasties from Lidl’s and having those instead of a real meal.

Wednesday I went to the gym and Mike went running so we didn’t have time to make lasagne but we did go with a healthy alternative of quinoa, chicken and veggies in a peri peri sauce. Thursday Mike ended up cooking instead of me so we had chilli. When I wrote the meal plan I had completely forgotten I was going out Friday on my works do. We had a late lunch at Las Iguanas in Newport and more than a few cocktails. Saturday Mike finished work early and it was a lovely warm evening so I suggested we take Mollie out for tea to a local pub with a children’s play area outside. I drove so did not have any alcohol but we did share a portion of nachos and I had a cheese burger and chips! Definitely not the best food week but no point dwelling on it now!

What Am I Eating This Week?

Monday – Homemade burgers, sweet potato wedges and salad (Lean in 15 burgers)

Tuesday – Sausages, mash potato and veggies

Wednesday – Chicken stir fry

Thursday – Broccoli and bacon frittata

Friday – chilli con avocado (Lean in 15)

Saturday – Lasagne

I’m hopeful we will stick to the plan a bit more this week. You might have noticed that I have not included Sunday on this week’s plan. That is because it is Sunday evening right now and I have just eaten a huge Chinese take away. Mollie went to her dads today so Mike suggested that we take a walk up Pen Y Fan (blog post about this coming soon!). This means that we didn’t have time to do the food shop so ended up having a take away for tea. Mike is off tomorrow so will do the food shop and we will be back on track!

Work Out Plan (Last week)

What I had planned to do is in black, what I actually had is in pink!

Monday – Gym (PT Plan) – Rest day

Tuesday – At home YouTube workout – Rest day

Wednesday – Rest day – Gym (PT Plan)

Thursday – Boot camp 5pm – Boot camp!

Friday – Rest day – Rest day

Saturday – Rest day – Rest day

Sunday – Junior Parkrun with Mollie or Gym – Walk up Pen Y Fan

Well the workouts didn’t go too badly. I did have an extra rest day than planned but still did 1 gym session, boot camp and today’s walk up Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons (the highest peak in South Wales!) so I’m ticking this week off as a workout success!

Work Out Plan (This Week)

Monday – Gym (PT Plan)

Tuesday – Rest day

Wednesday – Barre concept 7.30pm

Thursday – Boot camp 5pm

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Gym session (PT Plan)

Sunday – Junior Parkrun/rest day

Goals (Last week)

Last week my goals were to:

  • Be in bed by 10.30 pm every night this week
  • Wear my Fitbit every day this week and hit my 10,000 steps
  • Attempt an at home Youtube workout

Well I didn’t really meet any of my goals! The only night I made it to bed by 10.30pm was Friday night and that was thanks to a few too many cocktails! I wore my Fitbit a few days this week but not every day and only once did I hit my 10,000 steps! The Youtube workout didn’t happen either I’m afraid. This week’s goals are pretty similar:

  • Be in bed by 10.30pm
  • Do NOT hit snooze, get up when the alarm goes off
  • Wear my Fitbit every day and hit 10,000 steps every day.

The 10.30pm bed time is something I really want to work on so that is why I am adding it in again this week. Hopefully it will become habit eventually and I will be able to take it off the list. I have been hearing a lot lately about how snoozing is bad for you as you are neither asleep properly or awake and it just makes you feel more tired. I am so rubbish in the mornings and really struggle to get up so I’m keen to see if turning off the snooze and getting straight up can help me.

So that’s my planning done for this week. I have also recently started a Bullet Journal to help keep me organised and remind me of my goals throughout the week. I will be sharing photos of this on my Instagram which you can find here:

What do you have planned for the week ahead? Do you stick to your meal plans or find yourself going off track slowly throughout the week? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Tasha xx


7 thoughts on “Sunday Planning – Week 2

  1. Totally agree about half term making things difficult. So much easier to stay on plan when you are in your routine. half term is killing me, and my daughter gets two weeks off 😦 See you next week healthy eating ha ha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad it’s not just me who struggles, not that I’m glad your struggling too but you know what I mean haha! Routine is so important to me with regards to healthy eating and exercise. 2 weeks off, enjoy it 😊 Healthy eating can wait another week haha. It’s the 6 weeks summer holidays I’m dreading, bound to go off track then! Hopefully the weather will be nice and will at least be able to take part in some out door activities!

      Liked by 1 person

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