Sunday Planning – Week 3

Sunday again! I’ve had such a fun weekend with my family; I really don’t want it to end! So in the interest of delaying Sunday night chores such as ironing uniform, making pack lunches etc. I’m writing my weekly Sunday planning post. So let’s get started:

Meal Plan for Last Week:

What I had planned to have is in black, what I actually had is in pink!

Monday – Homemade burgers, sweet potato wedges and salad (Lean in 15 burgers) – Yes

Tuesday – Sausages, mash potato and veggies – Broccoli and bacon frittata

Wednesday – Chicken stir fry – Cheesy chicken and chorizo recipe from lean in 15 (bacon instead of chorizo!)

Thursday – Broccoli and bacon frittata – Chicago Town Pepperoni Pizza

Friday – chilli con avocado (Lean in 15) – Spinach and feta 3 egg omelette

Saturday – Lasagne – Pizza hut

Hmm writing this all down makes me realise how badly I am eating at the moment. Pizza 2 nights this week!! And one was from Pizza Hut! This is shocking! Will try harder next week I promise! We ate healthily 4 nights of the week though so I’m going to give myself a bit of credit for that.

What Am I Eating This Week?

Sunday – Sausages, veggies and mash potato

Monday – Chicken stir fry

Tuesday – Cheesy chicken and chorizo (lean in 15)

Wednesday – Homemade pizzas using wholemeal pitta breads

Thursday – Out for dinner

Friday – chilli con avocado (Lean in 15)

Saturday – Chicken and egg fried rice with peas and sweetcorn

I’m fairly certain we will stick to the meal plan this week, in fact we have already had our dinner tonight and we had sausages, green beans, carrots mash and gravy so we are sticking to the plan so far. Let’s hope we can continue it for the rest of the week!

Work Out Plan (Last week)

What I had planned to do is in black, what I actually did is in pink!

Monday – Gym (PT Plan) – Rest day

Tuesday – Rest day – Gym PT Plan

Wednesday – Barre concept 7.30pm – Yes

Thursday – Boot camp 5pm – Yes

Friday – Rest day – Yes

Saturday – Gym session (PT Plan) – Yes

Sunday – Junior Parkrun/rest day – 7k hill walk at the Blorenge in Blaenavon

I’m really pleased with my workouts this week. I stuck to the plan almost completely, swapping Monday for Tuesday just worked out better with Mike’s shifts and Sunday my Aunty and Uncle suggested a walk up the Blorenge which is a hill in the Brecon Beacons National park with a summit of 561m above sea level. The path to the Blorenge is not that steep but it is long and windy so in total we were walking for just over 2 hours. I forgot to wear my Fitbit and was gutted because I wanted to compare the steps we did to our walk up Pen Y Fan last week but what can you do? Maybe one day there will be a fitbit they can implant into your skin and then I will stop forgetting to wear mine!

Work Out Plan (This Week)

Monday – Gym (PT Plan)

Tuesday – Rest day

Wednesday – Barre concept 7.30pm

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Gym (PT Plan)

Saturday – Gym (PT Plan)

Sunday – Race for Life

I’m being a bit ambitious this week and scheduling only 2 rest days. This is because I really want to focus on my PT Plan this week so build my overall fitness up a bit. Also although I am doing the Race for Life this weekend I will not be running the full 5k. This is because we are running the race as a family and my 6 year old daughter Mollie will be doing it with us and there is no way she is ready to run 5k. I will be following her lead and encouraging her to run as much as she wants but I imagine we will be walking most of it.

Goals (Last week)

  • Be in bed by 10.30pm
  • Do NOT hit snooze, get up when the alarm goes off
  • Wear my Fitbit every day and hit 10,000 steps every day.

I didn’t do too badly with my goals this week. I was in bed by 11pm every night this week and every single morning I turned my alarm off as soon as it went off and woke straight up. I was in work before 8am almost every morning last week so the no snooze trick is really working. Friday I was in work by 7.05am which for me is a massive achievement and it was so nice to be able to finish at 4.15pm and have a couple of hours shopping before picking Mollie up from her dad’s.

I didn’t do too badly with my Fitbit either. I wore it every day this week but took it off on the weekend to charge and completely forgot to put it back on! I’m going to try and charge it at my desk in work for a couple of hours as when I take it off at home I always forget to put it back on.

This week’s goals:

I’m continuing with last week’s goals of early nights and no snoozing as it really seems to be positively impacting my life. I am also adding in these new goals:

  • Take the stairs whenever I can
  • Drink less normal tea and drink green tea instead
  • No junk food this week

I’m so rubbish at taking the stairs, if there is a lift option then I always take it. I work in an office block and am on the 3rd floor so there really is no other reason than laziness for taking the lift. This week, every time there is a staircase option I will be doing it! It’s just an easier way to be a bit more active during the day.

Lately I have been drinking huge amounts of tea in work. I have decided to try and limit myself to 1 cup of normal tea a day and make the rest green tea. There are so many benefits to drinking green tea and I do feel a difference when I drink it every day, plus it will save me money on milk!

No junk food is something I am definitely sticking to this week. The last month I have really noticed my strictness with food slipping and I have started snacking on junk food again. This needs to stop now so this week I am going cold turkey on unhealthy snacks. It’s not hunger it’s boredom so I will try and distract myself with something else every time I start craving junk food.

So that’s my planning done for this week, time to log off and get started with Sunday chores! What do you have planned for this week? Any workouts planned? Let me know about your week in the comments!

Tasha xx


8 thoughts on “Sunday Planning – Week 3

  1. I find tea to be surprisingly filling when I want to snack. I’m not the biggest fan of green tea but a normal decaf tea at night (with a bit of milk) usually keeps my snacking urges at bay : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My main snacking time is at work, I’m not too bad in the evenings, hopefully tea will keep me filled up during the day. I drink decaf too but also love green tea. Good idea to have one in the evening though!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you 😊 I don’t know how it worked as I am the worst person in the mornings but I just stuck to it and it really helped me wake up better. See if I can stick to it for another week now though!

      Liked by 1 person

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