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10 “Interesting” facts about me.

Lately I have been writing a lot of review and planning posts and realised you, my lovely readers, probably don’t know that much about me. I thought it might be time for a more personal post so here are 10 interesting* facts about me:

  • I hate driving! I had lessons when I was 17, 18 and again last year when I was 28. I failed my test 3 times and passed on the 4th attempt last July. I make myself drive everyday but only short distances and have never driven on the motorway.
  • I used to hate sport when I was younger and still dislike team sports. I always used to write myself fake notes from my mum to get out of PE and got away with it for a while until one day, my mum picked me up from school and my PE teacher came sprinting towards the car with a huge pile of notes I had written!
  • My first job was in KFC when I was 17. I had to wear a hat and a uniform that was about 2 sizes too big for me, not my best look!
  • I have never seen any of the Jurassic park films! As a kid my Mum wouldn’t let me watch them as she said they were too scary. As an adult I don’t really enjoy films like that so have never gotten around to watching them.
  • People think I am really unemotional, in fact I have been called the Ice Queen more than once. I hate crying in front of people and if someone offers me sympathy my tears dry right up. However, I am actually really emotional and cry at most Disney films!
  • I always used to bite my nails, right down to the bottom until they bled. When I was pregnant I randomly stopped and now the thought of biting my nails makes me feel sick!
  • I am the worst person in the mornings, always have been. As a kid my family knew never to speak to me in the morning and Mike always says some mornings he feels too scared to speak to me! The only thing I like about driving is that I can now drive myself to work and don’t have to talk to anyone in the mornings!
  • I don’t eat any fish or seafood at all. When I was about 9 I found a tiny bone in a fish finger and refused to eat them ever again. I attempted to eat salmon earlier this year and hated it, even the smell of fish fingers turns my stomach
  • I used to be able to play the piano. I didn’t do any exams but could play a couple of songs and played The Mexican Hat Dance in a junior school summer concert. I am currently storing my sister’s piano in my house so my aim over the next 6 months is to teach myself to play again.
  • When I was younger I was massively obsessed with Eminem. I knew all the lyrics to all of his songs and had a whole wall of my room covered in posters of him!

That was more fun than I thought it would be! Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post and getting to know the real me a little better. Do you have any interesting facts about yourself that you want to share with your readers? Feel free to leave one in the comments or do a similar post and tag me in it so I can read it, I’m so nosey, I love reading posts like this!

Tasha xx

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10 thoughts on “10 “Interesting” facts about me.

  1. Interesting post! 🙂 I also passed my driving test on the 4th attempt… that was after two years, two driving schools and three instructors. It was a very stressful learning experience for me, but I’m glad I did it as driving is important to me for when I have a family in the future.

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    1. Thank you 😊 I wasn’t sure how interesting it would actually be! Wow really? I think 4th time people are the best drivers 😜 I did it for the same reason, so I could drive my daughter places. I’m so glad I did it as it has made life so much easier!

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  2. Great post, I might do a similar one if that’s ok? I’m 29 and still haven’t learned how to drive! I had lessons when I was 25 and hated it so much I haven’t tried again. Well done to you for forcing yourself to keep going! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Yeah of course, let me know if you do! I was the same and there is no point learning again until your ready. I knew I wanted to do it before I was 30 so just made myself do it and I’m so glad I did! Maybe try a different instructor? I finally settled with my 3rd instructor because I got on with him so well!

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  3. Thanks for allowing us readers to get to know you, this was fun to read! Some of which was fairly comical, the fish situation kinda made me laugh, sorry! But I could see how that would be traumatizing enough to keep you from eating seafood ever again.


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