Sunday Planning – Week 5

Happy Sunday everyone! Let’s jump straight in to my weekly planning post, what I got up to last week and what are my plans for this week!

Meal Plan for Last Week:

What I had planned to have is in black, what I actually had is in pink!

Sunday – Sausages, veggies and mash potato – BBQ at my Mum’s

Monday – Cheesy chicken and chorizo (lean in 15) – Yes

Tuesday – Chicken stir fry – Yes

Wednesday – Spaghetti Bolognese – Broccoli and bacon frittata

Thursday – Broccoli and bacon frittata – Chicken lattice and Potato Rostis

Friday – Homemade burgers and sweet potato wedges – Spaghetti Bolognese

Saturday – Lasagne and garlic bread – Pizza at my Mum’s for the football

Well not too bad this week. 2 nights we went off plan as we went over to my Mum’s for a family gathering. I was pretty good on the Saturday though and only had 2 slices of pizza, a few onion rings and a few potato wedges and no alcohol as I was driving. Thursday I had not been feeling well all day so Mike surprised us with a meal for 2 from M&S which is why we went off plan. The food was nice enough but not amazing and looking at the nutritional value reminded me why we avoid processed food, there was a ridiculous amount of sugar in it. However it did also remind me how much I love pastry though so will be looking at some healthy recipes using pastry over the next few weeks.

What Am I Eating This Week?

Sunday – Sausage, mash and veggies

Monday – Potato salad with butterfly chicken (new lean in 15 recipe)

Tuesday – Lean lunch box with chicken (new lean in 15 recipe)

Wednesday – Spaghetti bolognese

Thursday – Out in Cardiff for Beyonce!!

Friday – Out with work

Saturday – Lasagne

I bought the new Lean in 15 book last week and am really excited to try some new meals from it. Also since I am going out twice this week I need to be really good on the days that I am home and his meals are pretty healthy but also really tasty so you don’t really feel like you are eating healthily.

You may notice that sausages, spaghetti and lasagne feature on our meal plans quite a lot. This is because Mollie is so fussy and these are meals I know she will definitely eat. I do try and broaden her horizons every now and again but sometimes its easier to stick with what she likes and its better than eating chicken nuggets, potato waffles and other frozen kiddie food I guess.

Workout plan – Last week

What I had planned to do is in black, what I actually did is in pink!

Monday – Rest day – Yes

Tuesday – Rest day – Yes

Wednesday – Barre concept 7.30pm – Yes

Thursday – Gym (PT plan) – Rest day

Friday – Gym (PT Plan) – Rest day

Saturday – Gym (PT Plan) – Gym, HIIT bike session and ab workout

Sunday – Zumbathon – Yes

I ended up having a few extra rest days (bailing on the gym) because I haven’t been feeling well this week. I have either had hay fever or a cold and by Thursday it reached its peak and I felt like absolute crap. The thing that surprised me the most though was how gutted I felt that I couldn’t go to the gym! A few months ago I would have bailed on the gym if I sneezed once, now I’m in a bad mood if I can’t go! Perhaps I’ve finally caught the gym bug!

Work Out Plan (This Week)

Monday – Gym (PT plan)

Tuesday – Rest day

Wednesday – Barre concept 7.30pm

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Gym (PT plan plus ab workout)

Sunday – Gym (no plan yet!)

So I have 3 rest days this week as I have 2 nights out and Mike is working late Tuesday. Will be working hard on the other days to make up for it!

Goals (last week):

  • Take the stairs
  • NO junk food
  • Bed by 11pm
  • Replace cigarettes with the E Cigarette

Recording these goals each week makes me feel like I am failing at life! I think he only one I managed was bed by 11pm SOME nights and that’s only because I was feeling ill. The E cigarette did not go well. I couldn’t pluck up the courage to not buy real cigarettes and kept losing the E-Cig leaving it in my gym bag then in my coat pocket for days so it was just easier to smoke. I am giving it a better shot this week though and actually going to use some willpower and try and give up! Wish me luck!

This week’s goals:

  • Take the stairs
  • NO junk food
  • Bed by 11pm
  • Replace cigarettes with the E Cigarette

I’m just repeating these goals again and again until I do them haha! Hopefully they will eventually sink in and be part of my usual routine soon, we will see!

How was your week last week? Did you do anything to meet your goals or have you been thrown off track? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Tasha xx


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