Sunday Planning – Week 7

What a week! My daughter Mollie has been in a dance show this week at a local theatre so we have been on the go all week with dress rehearsals and performances. I helped out backstage with her most nights but on Saturday night I had tickets to watch the show and I was just bursting with pride to see my baby up there on stage, so confident and beautiful, following the dance routines perfectly.

Being a dance mum takes its toll though, most evenings we didn’t get home til almost 11pm which meant quick snacks and food on the go and a huge change to our routine (which never sits well with me). So here’s how we got on with this week:

Meal Plan for Last Week:

What I had planned to have is in black, what I actually had is in pink!

Sunday – Already ate, large hotdog with onions and ketchup from a stall in Cardiff, 3 churros with chocolate sauce

Monday – Cheesy chicken and chorizo (lean in 15) – Yes

Tuesday – Spaghetti Bolognese – Pizza

Wednesday – Pizza – Spaghetti Bolognese

Thursday – Quinoa, mozzarella, chicken and pesto – Yes

Friday – Sausage, mash potato and peas – Brie and crackers

Saturday – Out for Mollie’s show – Brunch – Crumpets, 2 poached eggs, ½ an avocado. Dinner – Quarter pounder with cheese medium meal from McDonalds with a chocolate milkshake!

Well not as bad as it could have been. Saturday was the worst as I didn’t have time for dinner before the show and was at the theatre from 7.15-10.30pm so ended up having a McDonalds at 11pm! I felt horrible afterwards though, so full I felt sick, so will be avoiding McDonalds for a while.

What Am I Eating This Week

Sunday – Already ate, buffet food at my cousins house including quiche, pizza, onion rings, pringles, mozzarella dippers and sausage rolls – Yummy!!

Monday – Cheesy chicken and chorizo (lean in 15)

Tuesday – Chicken stir fry

Wednesday – Chicken and egg fried rice

Thursday – Chilli con avocado

Friday – Holiday!!

Saturday – Holiday!!!

So I’m going chicken crazy this week in the hope of improving my protein intake. I have been tracking my food all week and am surprised what the macros showed. Much less protein than I thought I was having so I’m going to try and change that this week. Also, I am trying to be healthy early in the week as we are going for a family weekend away on Friday so all bets are off on how my diet will be going. I should imagine it will consist of ice creams, chips and donuts at the seaside but I am going to try and eat healthily for the most part!

Workout plan – Last week

What I had planned to do is in black, what I actually did is in pink!

Monday – Gym – Strength Training – Yes

Tuesday – Rest day – Yes

Wednesday – Rest day – Yes

Thursday – Bootcamp – Yes

Friday – Rest day – Yes

Saturday – Rest day – Yes

Sunday – Gym – Cardio – Yes

Hit all my workouts this week. The strength and cardio workouts were new plans given to me by my new trainer/ coach Scott (more on this in a future post – I say this all the time but this post is actually coming soon I promise!) and they were really good. I love trying new things but struggle finding new workouts and end up sticking to the same old routine so it has been nice to try out some new things this week. Also I went back to Bootcamp this week which was a shock to the system after 3 weeks off. Either Rich has upped the pace or I am out of practice as I found it really hard this week! No pain no gain though!

Work Out Plan (This Week)

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – At home cardio workout

Wednesday – Gym – Strength workout

Thursday – Bootcamp

Friday – Rest day (holiday)

Saturday – Rest day (holiday)

Sunday – Gym – Cardio (holiday)

So again it is really hard to find the time to work out this week as we have loads going on. Months ago I would of used busy weeks like this to sack off working out altogether but I find I really miss it if I don’t do anything at all and a week off can lead to 2 weeks off, then a month off and so on so I am making the effort to schedule these in. I probably won’t be packing my gym kit for our holiday but hoping to do a bit of swimming and I’m sure we will be doing lots of walking.

Goals (last week):

  • Keep up with the E-Cig
  • Avoid alcohol at all costs
  • Log all food in My Fitness Pal
  • Take the stairs

Let’s start with the good news. I haven’t sipped even a drop of alcohol this week although I don’t really drink on a regular basis so this wasn’t hard to avoid. I logged all food in My fitness pal which was a real eye opener!

Now for the bad news. I used the e cig from Saturday – Tuesday but Wednesday I bought cigarettes and have smoked all week. I have not been smoking as many as usual but still been smoking quite a lot. Plus I bought cartridges for my E-cig which I have lost somewhere so until I buy more I cannot use it. However I will definitely be trying again as for the days I used it, it really wasn’t that bad. In some ways it’s better. I can smoke in places I usually wouldn’t be able to e.g. the bath, in the house while blogging, in the car, it’s great! I know this is not really how you’re supposed to use it but I really don’t care!

This week’s goals:

  • E-Cig
  • No phone in bed
  • Relax and enjoy my holiday

So the e-cig goal is here to stay for the foreseeable future in the hope of forcing myself to use it so I have some good news to report on here.

No phone in bed is something I am quite keen to work on this week. My bedtime routine is shocking. A few weeks ago I trialled going to bed earlier and it really made a difference to how I felt when I woke up. However that didn’t last long and lately I have been going to bed at 11/11.30pm and then playing on my phone in bed for another half hour or so, waking up feeling completely exhausted and taking ages to switch off.  This week I am doing whatever I need to do on my phone downstairs and then putting it on charge straight away at bedtime. Fingers crossed it will help e get a better nights sleep.

The last goal is to completely switch off from life and enjoy our family holiday. We are only going for 4 days so I want to put the phone down and really forget about life and spen some quality time with Mike and Mollie. I haven’t learnt how to schedule blog posts yet so unless I do in the next few days (unlikely!) then things will be pretty quiet on here over the weekend. Sorry, but sometimes life comes first!

So that’s it from me this week. I hope your week went well and you achieved everything you wanted to! What have you got planned for the week ahead? What’s on your meal plan? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Tasha xx


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