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11 Reasons to get a gym buddy

I first decided to join a gym back in January but having never even stepped foot inside a gym before I was a bit nervous about what it would be like. Luckily my sister was also thinking of joining a gym so we picked one and joined together. At first I would only go when she went and completely relied on her to show me the machines and guide me in my workouts as  I really didn’t have a clue.

Fast forward 6 months and I regularly go to the gym and fitness classes all by myself, without feeling nervous, scared or awkward. In fact I’m so used to going to the gym on my own now and doing my own thing that I actually really enjoy it. However I know I wouldn’t have even gotten started in the beginning if it wasn’t for my sister offering to keep me company.  So today’s post is a shout out to the sister who got me started and 11 reasons why you should find yourself a gym buddy.

  1. It’s such a good way to get started! – If you’re feeling nervous, lack confidence or genuinely just don’t have a clue at what you’re meant to do at the gym then you would definitely benefit from a gym buddy. Ask around your friends and family, I guarantee at least one of them is a member of a gym or has thought about joining one; they are probably just looking for a gym buddy too!
  2. You can motivate each other – No one wants to be the one to let the other one down. Its way too easy to bail on yourself but do you want to hold your gym buddy back from getting her dream body? No I didn’t think so.
  3. Safety in numbers – Feeling a bit too scared to venture into the man cave (free weights section)? With your bestie by your side you will instantly feel more confident and walk into the man cave with your head held high. Bonus – while you’re working out she can ward the pervy staring men off with the stink eye.
  4. It becomes more social – We all love a catch up with our friends and what better way to catch up than in Starbucks the gym! Gossiping and getting fit at the same time – perfect combination!
  5. Sharing’s caring! – Having a gym buddy means that when you forget your locker key/money or your water, you can just share theirs (this literally happened to me yesterday!)
  6. You have someone to count your reps and time your rests – there is nothing worse than losing count when counting your reps, or forgetting your phone and having to count a full minute in your head. Your gym buddy can time you on their phone while you do your thing and then swap!
  7. You have someone to partner with in a class – Is there anything worse than being in a class and being asked to partner up! All those awkward looks around to spot a suitable, not fitter than you partner, then realising you left it too late and you are the only person left without a partner and have to be paired with the instructor! With your gym buddy by your side you will never be in this awkward situation again.
  8. Fitspiration! – Having a gym buddy will bring something new to your workout. They might have tried things before in the gym that you haven’t, they can show you how to use a new machine or they may be able to recommend a good class. All these things will mix your workouts up a bit and keep it fresh and motivating.
  9. It brings out your competitive spirit – This might not be the same for everyone but there is nothing I hate more than being outdone in the gym. No I don’t want to be the first one to stop running on the treadmill, no I don’t want to be lifting a lighter weight than you. Having a gym buddy that is slightly more experienced or fitter than you can make you up your game a bit and be the best that you can be
  10. Shower guard – If you have body shaming Playboy models lurking around in the shower waiting to sneak a photo of your naked body to Snapchat to the world (yes Dani Mathers I’m talking about you!) then your gym buddy can stand guard and give you the heads up if someone starts taking sneaky snaps!
  11. You get to do cool partner workouts like these:

All pictures taken from Women’s Health Website. The link to the full workout is here –


So what are you waiting for? Go grab a gym buddy and get going to the gym, you won’t regret it I promise!

Do you have a gym buddy or prefer to work out alone? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Tasha xx




6 thoughts on “11 Reasons to get a gym buddy

      1. I’m the same with running, can just about manage 5k but rarely run outside. My partner runs 10k regularly so I know I would struggle to keep up. That’s the beauty of the treadmill though, you can both workout together but doing it at your own pace/style

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      2. Thank you! I have only run have 5k without stopping twice and both times it surprised me as I rarely run. I think just going to classes and working out has made my kegs stronger and increased my fitness levels as I now find running a lot easier than when I started! 2.2k is fab, keep building it up and before long you will be running further 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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