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A Blogging Break

I realised the other day that I haven’t blogged since July! The 24th July to be exact. That’s over a month ago! Even though I knew I had a busy summer planned I wasn’t planning to take a blogging break but sometimes life just gets in the way.

In fact it wasn’t just a blogging break. I hardly went to the gym or worked out at all over the summer, Twitter and Instagram became a distant memory and my Bullet journal is sat in a corner gathering dust! I took a total break from life…

And boy has it been nice!

When I first started blogging back in March I had no idea how time consuming it would be. Coincide this with my new found love of fitness and trying to cram in 3+ workouts a week, a new job, house hunting and just generally having a family and house to take care of, well it’s really hard!

I guess I have never really had any hobbies before. I’ve never been interested in anything and have always been envious of people who have a genuine interest in music, art, decorating, restoring furniture; travelling…the list goes on. I’d always struggled with the “What do you do in your spare time?” question as I don’t think collapse in a heap on the sofa with a family sized bag of salt and vinegar crisps binging on the latest Netflix series is what anyone wants to hear about!

So having two brand new hobbies (fitness and blogging, come on keep up!) has been really hard to manage. When you are a mother there is a certain level of guilt that comes with everything you do that is not focussed on your child. Off to the gym? Shouldn’t you be at home making packed lunches? Spending a child free Sunday afternoon blogging? Shouldn’t you be catching up on that ever increasing pile of ironing? Joining in on a Twitter chat trying to get your name out there and meet likeminded people? Shouldn’t you be putting that phone down and spending some quality time making a creative Pinterest project with your daughter like all the other good mothers? (Well most twitter chats are at night but you get my point!)

In fact this is not just limited to being a mother, being a girlfriend/partner/wife comes with its own pressures. Those childfree evenings you used to spend at the cinema or going out for dinner are now opportunities to go to the gym. Those lazy evenings watching films are delayed until later in the week so you can just take part in a really important Twitter chat. Those looks your partner gives you when you pick up your phone in response to another notification requiring you to respond to a comment or email and you just look back feeling guilty, knowing you should put the phone down but just can’t.

BTW neither my child nor partner has expressed any of these things, they are both incredibly supportive. These are my own demons in my own head making me feel like this!

So throughout the 6 weeks school summer holidays I decided to take a step back and enjoy some time spent with my family. We had a lovely long weekend in New Quay West Wales just the three of us, a week off from work where it mostly pissed down so we enjoyed cinema trips, meals out and playing board games, we had my sister’s wedding which was simply perfect and the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. In short, we have been busy and so it was time for blogging and the gym to take a back seat.

Family and friends are important and sometimes you need to take a step back from life to truly appreciate them. Exercising and blogging are great. It would be amazing to be super fit and have a toned body and it would be even more amazing to become a super famous blogger who was snapped up to write fulltime for a magazine. But neither of those things would be half as amazing if I found out I had neglected my family in the process!

So I took a break and it was fab. I felt relaxed, chilled out, less tied to my phone. I enjoyed time with Mike, time with Mollie, time with my other friends and family, and the summer has just flown by! We’ve had days out, picnics, been caught in the rain more times than I can count and watched endless amounts of Disney films all snuggled up under a blanket. It’s been perfect.

But I have really missed my new hobbies! I’ve realised over the past few months that I really love exercise (something I never thought I would say!) and not doing much over the summer has made me feel lazy and out of shape. Luckily I haven’t put much weight on but I definitely feel like I have lost some fitness and strength so this week I have been back to the gym and its full steam ahead for me!

I really missed blogging too! More than I thought I would. Every time we did anything/went anywhere I found myself thinking about blogging about it! I think I am definitely addicted and despite how time consuming it can be, it is totally worth it!

So I am back (hopefully on top form!) I will be blogging at least twice a week and working out at least 3 times a week. Yes things will be busy, and we have loads planned for September so it will be hard to find the time but I think if you have found a hobby you enjoy, that makes you feel positive about yourself and life in general then it is worth making the time to fit it in. Just push that Mum/girlfriend guilt to the back of your mind, no one else cares, it’s all in your head!

Hope you have all had a lovely summer! Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments? And how you manage to stay on track even when your routine is completely thrown out of the window!

Tasha xx


4 thoughts on “A Blogging Break

  1. Interestingly, I just got back from seeing a film called Bad Moms and it’s about go difficult it is to keep to a routine and stay organised when you have kids. I really enjoyed it! I generally blog on the go from my phone (usually on the train) so that saves me time.

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  2. Oh my, this is the second blog this morning that really its home with me too! The guilt of terrible eating, and having a bad work-out weekend, and now the guilt of not spending enough time with the kiddos! What a relief to know others have the same thoughts and feelings as me. Makes life a little easier! Thanks! p.s I have been dying to see “Bad Moms!” Heard it is hilarious!

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    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 it’s horrible isn’t it, guilty for doing something for yourself or guilty for not doing it! No win situation haha! Glad you could relate to this. I still haven’t seen it, will be watching it soon though!

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