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#50for50 with Cancer Research Wales

So last week Cancer Research Wales (not to be confused with Cancer Research UK!) reached out on Twitter looking for Welsh bloggers to team up with. Being in a bit of a blogging slump myself, I thought this would be exactly what I needed to get excited about things again. I love a challenge, love a new project and love fundraising so it sounded perfect.

Cancer Research Wales informed me of a few things they are doing this year to raise awareness and money. The one that got my interest the most was their #50for50 challenge to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The idea is you tailor the challenge to suit yourself; you just have to do 50 of something. You could knit 50 scarves, mow 50 lawns; swim 50 miles, whatever you fancy.

Having slacked off on fitness over the last few months I decided a fitness challenge was the best way to get myself back in the gym and with the added pressure of trying to raise a bit of money and blogging about it I’m hoping I will succeed in my challenge.

So what is my challenge?

Well I decided to focus on running. Running 50k to be exact, by the end of November. Now to some of you this may not seem like a lot but bear in mind when I first started this blog back in March I could barely run for more than 2 minutes and running has never been my strong point, also there are only 24 days left in March to complete this in, so to me this is a big challenge.

I thought the best way to tackle it would be to break it down into 10 5k runs. I’ve run 5k before, how hard could this be right? Umm well I forgot that I haven’t been to the gym properly since July so yeah it is actually quite hard!

I managed to run 2.24km in 18.19mims and then I had to stop. I had a stitch, my legs were again and I just felt shattered. I felt every step of that 2k run! I am going to have to put a lot more effort in if I want to hit 50km by the end of the month!

2.24km down 47.6km to go! Follow my journey here on the blog or on Twitter using the #50for50 hashtag!


Cancer Research is a cause that is very close to my heart, as it is for many people. I was unaware of this charity before they reached out on Twitter and it is no nice to be able to support a charity that does such amazing work but also one that is local to me here in Wales. I haven’t received my fundraising pack yet or a JustGiving page but if you would like to donate you can, using the link below.


For more information on Cancer Research Wales, the #50for50 challenge and all the other events they have running check out their website here:


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